Welcome to the West 81st Street Block Association

Thank you to all those who helped plant the tree pits on May 7th. The block is looking pretty good.

  • The Block’s 2023 Annual Meeting will be held on Monday May 15th at 7:00PM at our 81st Street Uno Pizzeria Grill on the corner of Columbus Avenue.
  • PLEASE:  water the tree pits regularly during the hot summer season.
  • A flyer that includes a membership application and donation form can be downloaded and printed here. Note we are adding a link that will allow payment via Zelle.
  • Our Association has joined The Upper West Side Coalition of Block Associations and Community Groups.


The Association was founded to promote the safety and general welfare of the block and to preserve and improve the quality of life of our immediate community.

For instance, the church that is located mid block is being converted into apartments and we monitor its development and give feedback to the developer any concerns the block may have on its progress.

In the Spring we plant flowers in the tree pits and spruce up the block.  Residents are reminded to water the tree pits regularly during the hot summer season.

The block association is run by a volunteer board of directors made up of block residents. The board meets on an as needed basis at least five times a year; block residents are welcome to attend. If you’re interested in meeting the members of the board, raising an issue for board discussion, serving on a special committee, or becoming a board member, feel free to contact a board member or email: W81blockassoc@gmail.com

West 81st Street

Our block stretches along 81st Street from Columbus Avenue to Broadway. We depend on donations that can be sent to the Association using the form that can be found on the 2023 block flyer HERE as well as via Zelle.

We encourage residents to call 311 for problems related to: noisy neighbors, sanitation pick up, idling school buses, and many other issues some of which can be found below.

The block association has a year-round beautification program, the goal of which is to make the block look attractive, secure, and safe. We focus on these areas:

Tree care: Over the years, we have helped plant and now maintain over 23 trees. In the summer, block residents and building staff water regularly. We encourage residents to ‘adopt a tree’ and to water it regularly.

Flowers and plants:  Each spring we plant hundreds of plants in each tree pit including hostas, ivy, and caladiums, etc. in various sizes, colors, and shapes.

Tree guards: The block association maintains the iron guards that surround each tree. Some years ago we embarked on a program to replace all the old tree guards. The new uniform style tree guard sends a signal to residents and visitors that the block is organized and cares about its appearance.

Graffiti removal: We ask owners, landlords and managing agents to remove graffiti as soon as it appears.

Outreach: We attend meetings of the 20th precinct’s monthly community outreach and we advocate on behalf of the block with the Landmarks Preservation Commission and CB7. We also assist in helping those who are homeless on our block find appropriate housing and shelter.

Some Useful Links:

Our Representatives:

The Gotham Gazette is a useful source of local information as is The West Side Rag.

If you want to contribute to the Association please print out the flyer and follow the instructions. To access the flyer, which includes meeting and planting details, please click here.

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